Howdy and welcome to my vanity project yet another blog-type project (because the world really needs one more). I’ll be your host in the machine as we navigate the realm of stories, poetics, and speculations on topics like culture & arts, technology & futurism, nature & gardening, movements & politics, space & time, wellbeing & peace, and other subjects that I know almost nothing a little something about.

My writings have spanned a wide array of platforms and issues for a while now, going back to the pre-digital age — which, as they say, if you can remember it you probably weren’t there. Writing has been a refuge, a calling card, a labor of love, a massively lucrative side gig, and a perpetual aspiration for me. I like wordplay, puns, anagrams, mixed metaphors, alliteration, long walks at sunset, and serial commas.

Oftentimes my work is research-driven, but that’s not the main gist of what I’ll be sharing here. Instead, this is a space for opinion pieces, speculative fiction, poetry, unedited diatribes, and more. Over the years, I’ve published a lot of content mainly in the blog/op-ed sphere, and won’t replicate that material here except when a promotional opportunity arises that I can’t turn down current events call it forth.

Most of what appears here is new in the sense of sharing it widely for the first time. I’ll be rolling things out in some illogical manner, and you can find like entries grouped together on the appropriate pages. Each piece will include a brief note about when it was written and what was going on and on and on at the time. This will be just for context; what these artifacts signify, if anything, is irrelevant up to you.

The goal of this project is simple: monetize attention spans bring order to the chaos, and chaos to the order. The lack of a pattern is a pattern; if nothing has meaning, and matter is mostly nothing, then there’s a lot of meaning around. Traversing this complex world is challenging, especially in these times, so let’s hold hands and form a circle of unity be excellent to ourselves and one another along the way.