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Roll Credits

  Much as anything else in this fiction Of ourselves being the limit of living While giving up on believing or even Receiving messages from beyond a Din of our iniquities broadcast out to An infinity we scarcely comprehend To which some of us are trying to get Back again following the crumbs on The

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Too Much Life

  The postmortem note said something like Failure to thrive which in this sort of world Is part of being alive as we cope with it all Trying to make a joke of the fall from grace When we crashed on this place from parts     Unknown having flown the ether to locate Some

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The Longing Mile

  There will not long become a day Up ahead to a proverbial third way To fight without raising even an arm To shout without sounding the alarm Burying seeds of doubt way far out In the untended parts of the farm By refusing to harm any living thing Accepting the blows without the sting

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Last Crawl

  Dragging on years of old wars across Floors painted over with dry tears of Soft shoulders bearing weights from Worlds undiscovered except for the Fires burning through others who seem To find peace somehow in the darkness Comforted among the sharpness of pains Sparked by the ravages of time slipping Sliding eluding abiding no

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  RENOVATIONS What light emerges Behind solid doors Freshly painted blue With casual dreams To withstand silence Carefully set aside For another lifetime — NOTE: We walk this fine line between existence and anticipation, keeping still while moving, wondering about the parts that will go unfulfilled…

The Futurn

  It was a time like no other voices in Rooms of desperate escapes from Conditions woven in the wombs of Neglectful dejection by unelected Henchman of the apocalypse within But also to their chagrin a brand new Beginning was unleashed from its Moors as the tired and poor took their Fair share of the

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On Brand

  They spend a lot of time ticking boxes Selecting options to be somewhere else Someone of wealth claiming the flame At all costs of appearances keeping Up with the image of foes and trending In the feeds taking cues from below Far down the queue who post meager Reviews for shoppers and hoppers galore

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By Grace

  You think there’s always time To do the things you want to do To finish that abandoned project To get over to that faraway place To reach out to long lost friends To abandon reason for intuition To revel in awe of time and space To rediscover that dormant art To plant seeds before

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Sleep Watching

  we’re sleepwalking through the apocalypse building castles with sand from the hourglass catching rays from a sun gone supernova drinking manmade water from a dry well cheering for teams when the game is over buying all the lies when it’s time to sell making believe while refusing to grieve group thinking while the ship

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