In Case of Emergence


Find the courage to live up to your vision.
When the fear surges take another breath.
If you’ve lost the narrative keep writing anyway.
Build a foundation worthy of your failures.
Remember where you’re from so you can get back.
It’s all a cosmic movie being written on the fly.
Your special gifts are exactly what the world needs.
What you see is real but so is what you don’t see.
The universe probably is just a child playing with a yo-yo.
Make a fire to stay warm and keep it lit with your fury.
Find someone who needs help so you can be helped by them.
Put your whole self into everything including doing nothing.
Keep trying to succeed especially when you actually do.
Take a walk in the woods long enough to last a lifetime.

NOTE: Not so much a poem as a mantra, or just a reminder of something(s); written in early 2022, just before spring, most likely in the desert (or on the way there) while thinking about how far things drift.