The Futurn


It was a time like no other voices in
Rooms of desperate escapes from
Conditions woven in the wombs of
Neglectful dejection by unelected
Henchman of the apocalypse within
But also to their chagrin a brand new
Beginning was unleashed from its
Moors as the tired and poor took their
Fair share of the fare and no more in
Magnanimous gestures of rekindled
Pastures held in common unanimously
Driven to heights unimagined in board
Meetings of paginated hubris to dash
Off to Venus or Mars and the stars
Aligned finally to remind unconditionally
That we are of this place and the only
Race is to reclaim space as the province
Of all lest we fall in our personal graves
Where no one is safe and the world is
An unfathomable oasis of capital stasis
And despite that raging desire to spoil
Came work without toil and abundant
Soils for seeds to take root beneath a
Sphere that will shoot for the moon and
Beyond not with bonds but in song as
The next iteration of our mutual station
Not merely out there but wherever we
Land as part of the plan to be bringers
Of a light that makes right the wrongs
Wreaked in our names and leaked by the
Layers of games that still could never
Extinguish the flame of a love dare we
Say that wouldn’t go away and finally
Today after the churn a corner has been
Turned toward a future of presence for
Our interdependence as we leave for
Your reference our undying allegiance
As relatives trying to get busy untying
A knotted tether of doom and braiding
It anew into room for you to go boldly

NOTE: Written just now and somehow in a slipstream style for that longest mile where a frown bends ’round toward a smile 😉