Raze and Shone

Finally we get to that part where things start
To simmer up not due to climate or pent up
Gases and last gasp chances as time passes
But mainly because there is never a pause
Between effect and cause being the same
Old game in every refrain and too much pain
To go around again in that kinetic machine
That infuses the dream with perpetual steam
Bubbling and boiling and troubling and roiling
Generating the pressure that goes on forever
Bringing the heat from the street like a beat
Relentlessly repetitively driving rhythms
Cleaving the walls as they fall into schisms
Tensions extended alight and unmended
Yet balanced some way in a stable array
Yielding positive sparks well after darkness
All falling up stairs despite the cheap glares
Questioning why all the smoldering of bolder
Visions as embers subside aside cold shoulders
While everything dies well before it gets older
Wondering thundering appeals to make deals
That slip through fingers of those dead ringers
For the muses misplaced resigned in disgrace
Only to face back into a crowd when allowed
Brief moments of memorable temporal bliss
One kiss of a death never ceasing to amaze
Setting reason ablaze stoking fires within
The web of fine tethers where all are kin

NOTE: Jots and spots and knots from real time, recalling that when things fall apart sometimes it lets more light shine through…