The Longing Mile

There will not long become a day
Up ahead to a proverbial third way
To fight without raising even an arm
To shout without sounding the alarm
Burying seeds of doubt way far out
In the untended parts of the farm
By refusing to harm any living thing
Accepting the blows without the sting
Floating like an angel on borrowed wings
Singing praise where none is due
Stuffing keyholes with loving glue
Matching black with shades of blue
With a smile at least for the first mile
Letting go of the goal or any style
Loving the haters pure and true
Living to tell this tale of redemption
Preaching the practice of forgiveness
Embracing humanity without exception

Open ended fences mending tattered
Hearts that once were rended now
Tending toward the vanishing point
Anointed by grace into this space
Long dreamt of with sails unfurled
Seeking purchase in this lost world
Where the war goes to die forever
When always finally yields to never
As pain succumbs again to pleasure
And weight is carried by a feather
That’s where we’ll meet to greet
The day and go our separate ways
On parallel paths that come together
In a new geometry beyond the metrics
Of mystical yogis and chanting tantrics
Frantically rowing out toward Atlantis
Praying to shrines held on the mantle
Casting spells in rings of fine candles
Handled with care for those who dare
To imagine there’s another side
To be the rider and the ride
To let what was slip away and slide
Into tomorrows of unknown refrain

NOTE: From early ’23 in one of life’s most tumultuous times, holding onto a kernel of faith sparked by the restless imaginations of fellow travelers.