Not Buying It

“Thanks for Nothing” — QED

You ask me what this life is for but
All you mean is what’s in store when
Things unfold in ways untold within
Those lessons of blessings and sins
Too messy to untangle by any moral
Math that won’t last in the quest for
Cash on the nail and the failures of
Imaginations through imposed ranks
And stations that will cause you to
Choose between gains for yourself
Versus pains for everyone else and
How to decide if you and yours will
Thrive while the masses strive just
To stay alive and you die a little bit
Inside as you buckle in for the ride

Of a lifetime gone by so fast while
A conscience nags at you to stay
True to what you know you must do
Yet still it’s déjà vu all over the place
When dilemmas are faced across
The board and you wonder while
Being torn asunder how to go on
Anymore in a world washed ashore
By the quest for more drawing past
Score upon score within your field of
Vision and casual living becomes a
Bore as you inquire again what life
Is even for if this is all that’s in store
Which is what you asked me before
And I couldn’t answer now or then

NOTE: Dropped in real time for the Buy Nothing holiday — it’s a thing, or more so not about things, or maybe something different than thinking about things 🙂  Whatever the case, this was about trying to account for what is happening now when we get asked by those who aren’t there yet what we were doing back then. Okay, so that doesn’t make sense to me either, but hopefully it resonates on some level to show my gratitude for everything including nothing much at all.