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Last Crawl

  Dragging on years of old wars across Floors painted over with dry tears of Soft shoulders bearing weights from Worlds undiscovered except for the Fires burning through others who seem To find peace somehow in the darkness Comforted among the sharpness of pains Sparked by the ravages of time slipping Sliding eluding abiding no

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  RENOVATIONS What light emerges Behind solid doors Freshly painted blue With casual dreams To withstand silence Carefully set aside For another lifetime — NOTE: We walk this fine line between existence and anticipation, keeping still while moving, wondering about the parts that will go unfulfilled…

The Passenger

  The car zipped through an opening the size of a doorway, narrowly missing the other three vehicles vying to move in the same direction, adjusting to their presence with precision coordination and lightning reflexes that no “Drivers Ed” school could ever teach. Accelerating smoothly, we careened onward through the city’s dizzying traffic, without a

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My Precotopia

On the Space Between Quantity and Quality The problem on my mind right now is hard to quantify—in fact, it’s about quantification itself. I recall attending a talk by DJ Spooky way back in 2020 showcasing his work around the notion of “Quantopia,” which looks at trends through the lens of a half century living

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The Draw

  Dear Ardra714, It’s weird being out here in space, even though humans have been doing it for decades now. I guess I’m just one of those throwbacks who’s still more comfortable on dry land. But I’ve learned to embrace the ride anyway, since the future is up ahead and I totally get how we

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Totally Awesome

On Digitization and Deification Past Prologue Lara T. Singl surfs the web: self-improvement, infotainment, political partisanship, neurotica, fluff. They are rewarded as badges appear and new windows of experience open. Then they adjust their privacy settings, delete cookies, ask not to be tracked, visit sites anonymously, and trade in non-monetized knowledge. Lara is punished with

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The Futurn

  It was a time like no other voices in Rooms of desperate escapes from Conditions woven in the wombs of Neglectful dejection by unelected Henchman of the apocalypse within But also to their chagrin a brand new Beginning was unleashed from its Moors as the tired and poor took their Fair share of the

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Powered By Practice

  “I…can…hardly…breathe.” “It’s okay,” Toran reassured me. “Focus on the silence, feel it around you, let it keep you safe. One deep breath, then another. Good, keep going. Almost there…” they whispered. “Okay, thanks, I feel better.” This was the third time this month that I had a problem during the service, but so far

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On Brand

  They spend a lot of time ticking boxes Selecting options to be somewhere else Someone of wealth claiming the flame At all costs of appearances keeping Up with the image of foes and trending In the feeds taking cues from below Far down the queue who post meager Reviews for shoppers and hoppers galore

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