On Brand

They spend a lot of time ticking boxes
Selecting options to be somewhere else
Someone of wealth claiming the flame
At all costs of appearances keeping
Up with the image of foes and trending
In the feeds taking cues from below
Far down the queue who post meager
Reviews for shoppers and hoppers galore
Planting their flag in a virtual store fronting
Monthly nuts too vast to swallow hardly
Falling in line to earn followers aplenty
Scores in bunches of twenty or more every
Moment forever demanding loyalty cards
Flying banners in yards with commanding
Attention drawn back to themselves while
Selfish incarnations across multiple stations
Blare out the next verse but what’s even oddly
Worse is the bodily shaming the bold disclaimers
Cleverly proclaiming it’s never our fault despite
Mountains of exalting discourse from the vault
Venerating yet one more mean street parade
Endorsed by celibate names tailor made reading
Scripts from their lips loosely sinking relationships
Forged over years of glare as if they care to call
When you fall into despair about not being
Anyone at all in there anymore except for
The soul you rejected with that longing
To be someone on fire for a moment

NOTE: From early 2023 in a style that sometimes spills out, going back to tone of some of the pieces I wrote in the mid-90s with a streaming-looping cadence; more about the edges than the imagery but closer to my authentic mental flow.