Do It Yourself Together


The politics of not giving a whit

In defense of a strategic apathy

Resist the weaponization of reality

Refuse to participate in dependency

Unsettle the induced hegemonies
Decapitalize the inherent fallacies
Reclaim autonomy through absence
Fail to show up for the compulsory

                       (image: Pixabay)

Stop pretending to even care
Abolish obvious dissonance

There’s nothing actually there
Except what we can fashion
Outside the brands of dehumanization
Beyond the artifice of commodification
No performative token gestures
Uncompromising in defense of life

                          (image: Pixabay)

Where people and the land are one

Outside the colonial co-optation

Marking time apart from rhythms
Destructions coded in revelations
Proposing the risk of negation
Through struggle as its own end
Afflicting the system with itself
Undermined by its own excesses

                          (image: Pixabay)

The violence of participation
Rejected by failures of success
Wrapped in the fragility of settlement
Born amidst the ashes of conquest
Killing time on the road to oblivion
Until the glory unwinds in freedom
Falling back into a destitute earth
Abundant in the nurture of living

NOTE: written for a friend, circa late 2023 but almost fifty years in the making.