Therefore I Was



I think right now
What really rends
In the end
Isn’t decay
Or disease
Or tragic events
But more so
A failure to
See light ahead
And a purpose
To continue
Against all logic
A tenuous existence
So beautiful and frail
Horrible in its gravity
Never knowing the truth


Woke today
From a circadian call
To walk across
Light that isn’t
There at all
Or if it is
None can say
Except the night
That matters most
And activates the day
So which is the up
The down the side
Where is north
Or even south
On this tragicomic ride
Where ebb and flow
Are all one tide…
Thought the code
Had been cracked
But it just
Went on forever
In the fulsome vacuum
So light can speed
By the place
Where E = mcEscher


I’m trying to get back
To a place I’ve never been
Except in my mind’s eye
From a long forgotten dream
Where waters flow so slowly
Leaving silt for bare subsistence
Feeding gardens marking boldly
Bright paths of faint resistance
Where food grows only wildly
In every niche and nook
Yielding bounties always timely
Giving back more than they took
Where air recycles purely
Filling hearts and lungs with ease
Breathing justice strong and surely
Shining harbingers of peace

NOTE: Splicing together three short verses from different moments (2019-2022), reflecting recurring themes in my scribblings; the progression from awareness to ambiguity to aspiration is more cyclical than linear here, more reflexive than reified, as in I think therefore I am therefore I think… on and on.